Tell Yourself The Truth

Taking a long look in the spiritual mirror won’t be easy, but it will be…

Is it the Key to a Happy, Successful Life?

More than self-worth, self-respect, and even character, author Van Moody explains why the “I-Factor” determines…

Biblical Secrets to a Man’s Heart

What do men really want? The answer has never changed. It’s been the same for…

What Is Worship?

These simple, yet intimate, things are tender expressions of worship, and they will draw you…

What’s Your Calling?

A guide to finding your purpose.

God’s in Your Corner

The Bible holds the secrets to success. Apply these strategies today.

Republican Front Runners

See how well the top candidates’ views align with the Bible. Does your favorite nominee…

Despite Your Pain

Rosalina Matos’ story compels us to serve God, even in suffering.

Weapons for Spiritual Warfare

Christians are at war, even if they don’t know it. Are you ready?

Generational IQ

We Could Cut the Church Dropout Rate of 18-23 Year Olds in Half with One…

When Your Storm Strikes

At some point, we all face a crisis. These emergency essentials will help you survive…

After a Miscarriage

Be a source of strength to a friend. Learn what to say and do after…
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