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What Every
Young Girl Needs

A healthy self-esteem is something that everyone needs—especially girls. And there’s a new coloring Bible that draws them closer to God, while strengthening their self-worth.

The NIV Beautiful WordBible for Girls takes readers on a creative journey through the Word of God. With over 500 illustrated verses and space for creating artwork, it helps girls absorb Scripture in a new and exciting way. But, the benefits don’t end there! According to several studies, coloring helps children relieve stress, bolster their confidence, and sharpen their ability to focus.

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In today’s cultural climate, girls are facing a variety of challenges—but the NIV Beautiful WordBible gives them the faith and wisdom to persevere. “One of the biggest challenges facing young girls today is an issue of feeling valued and loved,” says Melinda Bouma, Publisher of Zondervan Bibles. “Am I beautiful? Do I have value? Does someone love me? The crisis of self-worth and feeling loved seems to be an age-old question, but it’s also an increasing problem. Today, selfies mask identity crises, and love is being chased in all the wrong places,” Melinda continues. “In some small way, through this Bible, we try to convey that all girls are loved by God, that they are beautiful and have tremendous value, and that they can delight in learning these things through the beautiful words of Scripture. In a visual culture, sometimes an artistic expression of God’s Word can be more powerful than spoken words.”

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It’s remarkable that the NIV Beautiful WordCollection is the first of its kind. While there are a few coloring Bibles currently on the market—up until now—there were none for a younger generation. Seeing this need, Zondervan created this stunning Bible for girls ages 8 to 12 years old. The gorgeous artwork illustrates powerful Scriptures, and its eye-catching designs appeal to the style of young girls.

“Pairing God’s Word with the artistic expression of coloring and doodling has unleashed a freedom for readers to interact with the Bible—in a way that they couldn’t in the past,” says Melinda. With the NIV Beautiful WordBible for Girls, the Holy Spirit can light a fire in your daughter’s heart and spark a new passion for God’s Word.

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The Beautiful WordBible has an edition for all ages, including teens and adults. The collection also offers devotional products and fun freebies.

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