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The question is often asked, “What do men really want?” The answer has remained the same through the years, even though circumstances have changed. It’s fair to say that there is nothing new under the sun, men still have the same desires. Their hearts beat for the same things: love, honor, and women who have their backs against the odds. 

I’ve often wondered how the men of the Bible felt about their relationships. Consider what transpired between David and Bathsheba, for instance. Or Samson and Delilah. How did these women win their men’s hearts? What made King Ahasuerus putty in Esther’s hands? If we sat down to talk with these men, what would they tell us about the power of a woman? Solomon desired passion, purity, and love. Boaz was attracted to service. Job needed encouragement. Abraham was captivated by the beauty of submission. Barak was drawn to strength. But how would these men advise the women of today?

Pulling from the romances (and relationship mistakes) of the Bible, it’s evident that women have a variety of powers. These five — when used wisely — will gain you access to your man’s heart.

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