Why do we struggle with Marriage?

In this podcast, relationship expert Kayla Tucker Adams help is see marriage differently.

WE ASKED WOMEN: What Does It Mean to Honor Your Husband?

TO SOME, there are Scriptures that are just plain old-fashioned. They’re out of touch, out…

10 Ways to Improve Marital Conflict

It is never too late to develop healthy conflict strategies. Use these tips to build…

Slow-Cooker Recipes You’ll Love

Let the cooker do the work for you! These recipes are delish, and simple to…

3 Creative Ways to Engage Your Children

Today, parents have to work more creatively to connect with their children. The good news…


Start a new tradition! Turn your dinner table into a place where your children can…

Kid-Friendly Treats

Your kids will love them! They’re yummy, creative, and easy to make.

4 Ways to Divorce-Proof your Marriage

MARRIAGE IS HARD WORK, but so is anything worth fighting for. “People work hard on…

10 Ways to Reduce Marital Conflict

It is never too late to develop healthy conflict strategies. “The wise woman builds her…

Make Sure He Knows How You Feel

If you find that your marriage needs CPR, try moving towards your husband with these…

Add Sizzle to Your Marriage

“Good girls” should have (and enjoy) good sex. No excuses. No headaches. No false assumptions.

At Home with Ayesha Curry

NBA star Stephen Curry’s wife views domesticity in an inspiring way.
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