Power-Prayers for Couples

Revitalize your marriage, and turn even the worst situations around.

Save Your Marriage

Popular speaker Kayla Adams unlocks the secret to reviving a troubled (or dead) marriage.

Red-Hot Romance Tips – from the Bible!

Add some heat to your marriage with these steamy tips from King Solomon’s wife.

Slide Over, and Tell Him

Tap into a deeper level of marital intimacy. Be close to your husband – maybe…

How to Talk ... So He’ll Listen

Relationship expert Rick Johnson shares five tips that will get your husband’s attention.

4 Habits that Will Strengthen Your Marriage

Our Editor-at-Large, Monique Hart, shows you how to spice up a not-so-romantic marriage.

From My Laundry Pile, To Yours

Editor-at-Large Monique Hart shares the impact of a simple, yet powerful, phrase.

Resolve Your Money Issues

Without a proper understanding of it, money can create problems in a marriage. By focusing…

When Happily Ever After Shatters

When Sue Birdseye’s husband asked her for a divorce, she didn’t see it coming. Her…

Inspire Your Husband

Become the woman who champions her husband. Draw his heart closer to yours – in…

Roommates or Soul Mates?

You can revive a flat (or flatlined) marriage by taking the initiative. Don’t wait for…

Ask Dr. Harold

It's not uncommon for women to turn to their girlfriends and sisters for marital advice…
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