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Is It An Idol?

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An idol is not, merely, a graven image that people physically bow down to. It is anything that occupies a place in our heart that belongs to God.

Why Compare?

From very early in life, we’re conditioned to compare ourselves to other people. If we’re not careful, our entire lives can bounce from one comparison to another. Who ranks the highest in school? – Who has the happiest marriage? – Who makes the most money? – Who is the most successful? – And the list goes on!

Face the Fear

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Did you know that some of the most accomplished people have also been some of the greatest failures? Often times, success does not manifest in the absence of failure; it emerges in spite of it.

Our feelings are misleading and ever-changing. One minute, we can feel one way about a particular thing – and the next minute feel something completely different about that very same thing! The Word of God teaches us, however, that relying on how we feel leads to confusion and instability.

Throughout history — businesses and nations have mastered the art of partnering with external sources. The question is: Why haven't countless Christians in ministry followed suit?

Sometimes our "call" is entwined with our "fall." The thing that caused us to stumble and feel defeated might be our greatest ministerial tool. Although we might be afraid, exposing our issues can free us (and other people).

Do you know that God is an investment banker? He invests in people who can offer Him a profitable return. That might sound very calculated, but that’s exactly what the Word of God teaches us.

Stop Counting

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In ministry, it is very easy to get caught up in the numbers. Many of us (and the people who judge us) look at "how many people" attend our services, Bible studies, and events. But we should be very careful. Whether we reach 2 people or 20 million, the question is: Are we reaching exactly who God has called us to reach?

Changing direction is seldom easy. As children, we daydream about who we want to be. As adults, we devote our lives to making our dreams come true. However, what happens when our dreams don’t line up with God’s plan? Do we stubbornly try to create our fantasies, or do we change direction — and follow God?

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