God Created Sex for Connection
Sex is the ultimate connecting tool. Having sex is the one thing you can do with your husband that makes you feel close, connected, and totally in tune with him (physically, emotionally, and spiritually). God knew married folks needed to connect on a level that went beyond other human relationships. And He knew that couples could only be united through a deep, heartfelt, and truly intimate act.

God Created Sex for Enjoyment
I entered my marriage thinking that sex was for men to enjoy, and for women to tolerate. How sad, and completely different from what God intended sex to be. Let’s make it clear: The Bible teaches that God made sex for enjoyment; not just procreation. Song of Solomon is an entire book in the Bible dedicated to teaching married couples how to enjoy sex. And many other books in the Bible add to those lessons (such as Proverbs 5, 1 Corinthians 6, and Ephesians 5). God wants you to have your cake and eat it too – without feeling guilty.

You Are Beautifully Made
I’m not saying that you’re capable of any and every position. I’m saying that God made you with the full capacity to please your husband. And God made him with the full capacity to please you. I say this because confidence often stands in the way of women enjoying sex. “I have a headache” sometimes means “I have a confidence issue.”

A few nights ago, my husband rolled over and started rubbing my back. He has this lotion that smells like lavender and vanilla, and I closed my eyes and ... well, long story short, we didn’t have sex. I wanted to ... for a minute. But my confidence – or lack thereof – stood in the way. I started thinking about how sore I was from going to the gym ... which made me think about the fact that I hadn’t been good about going to the gym (hence the soreness) ... which made me worry about belly flab ... which made me feel like, if we had sex, maybe my husband would notice the belly flab ... which made me think that my husband wouldn’t want me.

Totally ridiculous. Right? 

Often, our insecurities about our bodies stand in the way of us enjoying sex. This shouldn’t be, because our husbands want us – belly flab, sore muscles, lack of flexibility, and all. So next time you find yourself entering “I’m not good enough land,” stop yourself right there. And then roll over, and show your husband exactly what you can do in bed. Trust me, you are enough.


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