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Tuesday, 30 April 2013 05:15

Be Flexible

Plans change, challenges arise, and mistakes happen. So become a flexible woman who looks for alternative options – no matter what life throws her way.

Tuesday, 30 April 2013 04:05

Amy Grant

It’s been over a decade since Amy released a full- length studio album, and her new project (How Mercy Looks from Here) is worth the wait. In this reassuring interview, she reminds us that God’s love can’t be earned. It’s free, ever-present, and everlasting.

Tuesday, 30 April 2013 03:01

Lynn Whitfield

The Emmy Award-winning actress’s new film, King’s Faith, is a must-see for every Christian. It’s an incredible story about trusting God, and looking beyond our personal struggles.

Monday, 29 April 2013 23:36

Debt-Free Living

We asked our financial expert, Amie Streater, important questions about getting out of debt. And her answers will help relieve your financial stress. Whether you have debt, stupid debt, or really stupid debt, Amie’s advice will get you on track.

Saturday, 27 April 2013 21:35

Boost Your Brain Power

Alzheimer’s disease doesn’t only affect senior citizens. It can strike people in their 50s, 40s, and even 30s. Apply these tips, and strengthen your mind. Alzheimer’s – and other types of dementia – can be prevented, slowed down, and even reversed.

Saturday, 27 April 2013 21:03

Goodbye, Insecurity

Whether we admit it or not, we all have insecurities. But you can discover a new level of confidence that’s grounded in God-esteem.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013 14:14

Forgive Yourself

We all make mistakes – mistakes that we regret, mistakes that haunt us, and mistakes that are tough to let go. And forgiving ourselves can be difficult. Not only are we subject to the criticism of others, we’re inclined to judge ourselves. Guilt caused David to cry out, "I know my transgressions, and my sin is ever before me" (Psalm 51:3, New American Standard Bible).

Thursday, 21 February 2013 22:59

In His likeness, Not Ours

It's common for people to proudly boast that they are finally becoming their "true selves." In the Kingdom of God, however, maturity is measured by the extent to which we become less of ourselves, and more like Christ. He is our identity. In fact, the Bible teaches that we “must become less and less, and He [Christ] must become greater and greater”

Tuesday, 14 January 2014 05:00

Stop Making the Same Mistakes

No matter what you do, God will never stop loving you. But your repeated "foolishness" can limit your potential. Of course, no one is perfect. In fact, Proverbs 24:16 teaches, "A righteous man falls seven times, and rises again." However, falling in the same area of your life

Thursday, 31 January 2013 18:36

Here's the Truth

Every year, people make New Year's Resolutions. Their vows run the gamut - from improving their bodies and financial situations ... to launching a business and strengthening their marriages. But, this year, I challenge each of us to work on the secret areas of our lives... the corners of our hearts... the concealed habits... and the questionable motives that only God (and us) can see.

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