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Don't Be Discouraged

When it comes to discouraging you, the Devil will use any strategy. And that includes using the people who you love and admire the most.

When I entered the world of business and ministry, a family member told me that I was unqualified to even write a "Statement of Faith." To add to this disappointment, my former pastor never seemed to champion the call on my life. But there came a point when I had to stop relying on people for validation. That job belonged to God.

I'm not one to tell a lot of personal stories, but I want you to understand that your calling is not based on a person's opinion of you. So many people shortchange (or ignore) their life's purpose because of what someone says, thinks, or makes them feel. And that's a huge mistake!

Isaiah 2:22 states, “Quit scraping and fawning over mere humans, so full of themselves, so full of hot air! Can't you see there's nothing to them?” (The Message Bible).

It's wonderful when people (especially those we love) recognize and support the call on our lives. However, God doesn't require it. Today, CALLED Magazine is reaching over 150,000 Christian women ... and counting. And, like you, there were moments when I felt discouraged. Therefore, don't lose heart! Hold your head up and keep charging forward. c

Written by: Marsha DuCille - Publisher/Editorial Director
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