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HAVE YOU HEARD OF CLUB 33? The waiting list for this high-priced club at Disneyland is up to fourteen years. Yes, folks wait a decade to schmooze with Mickey Mouse.

Daily, we wait for things that (in the grand scheme of life) aren’t important: Starbucks, the DMV, and Black Friday—to name a few. But when it comes to waiting on God, our patience often runs thin. Hastily,

Do You Want to Make it Better

In a world led by emotions with such significance put on how a person feels, the same emphasis is often used when assessing the state of marriage.

Why do we struggle with Marriage?

In this podcast, relationship expert Kayla Tucker Adams help is see marriage differently.

The Heartbeat of the Home

It’s probably safe to say that whatever design style your kitchen is, it’s the center of your home’s universe.

5 New Must-Reads

These are our favorite new releases. They’ll help you grow, heal, and cope.

Multi-tasking Doesn’t Work

Is your lifestyle damaging your brain?

WE ASKED WOMEN: What Does It Mean to Honor Your Husband?

TO SOME, there are Scriptures that are just plain old-fashioned. They’re out of touch, out of date, and utterly chauvinistic. So, we asked CALLED’s readers:

Add Years To Your Life

Discover the secret to fighting cancer, heart disease, and other life-threatening conditions.

Serve with Excellence

If you have a burning desire to travel the globe and share the Gospel, or work with youth in a church setting, or perhaps serve as a Christian counselor, it can be difficult to choose the right path.

Start a Cancer Care Ministry

Do you feel called to serve cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers?