what is worship

3 Worship is the Language of the Heart
Many of the words for worship in the Old Testament pertain to body posture — kneeling, bowing, prostrating oneself, lifting up hands, etc. The Hebrew definition for worship literally means “to bow down and prostrate oneself before a superior in homage.” We are all created individually by God and have our own unique worship preferences. Some people worship with uninhibited expression, while others are uncomfortable with any type of external expression. However, whether you kneel, bow, or remain still, worship should always be a language that is rooted in the heart.

4 Worship is Surrendering Control
When I first took the worship challenge, I wrestled with God for control. I asked honest questions like, “Where were You when bad things happened to me?” “Why didn’t You protect me?” “If I couldn’t trust You then, why should I trust You now?” I was trying to draw closer to the Lord, but I

couldn’t get past these questions. During that process, I discovered that God wants us to ask the hard questions. When we bring our negative emotions into the light, we are able to find truth. When we find God’s presence through worship, we are able to hear with our spiritual ears and find the answers. And, even if we don't find the answers we’re seeking, the questions no longer haunt us — when we are safe in His warm embrace.

5 Worship Reminds Us of God’s Character
Worship is telling God who He is — not because He needs to know, but because we need to remind ourselves of His character. As we worship the Lord (saying things such as, “Lord, You are Mighty … You are the Ultimate Healer … You are the Great Provider … You are the Prince of Peace … You are my Rock … You are my Strength” … and so on), our faith is strengthened. We can meditate on God’s character by singing a song, writing a poem, or reciting a psalm. These simple, yet intimate, things are tender expressions of worship. c



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