Stop making excuses.
Even Moses, one of God’s greatest servants, tried to “excuse” his way out of his calling. Moses said to the Lord, “But, Lord, I am telling You, I am not a good speaker. I have never been able to speak well. And that hasn’t changed since You started talking to me. I am still not a good speaker. You know that I speak slowly and don’t use the best words.” Then the Lord said to Moses, “Who made a person’s mouth? And who can make someone deaf or not able to speak? Who can make a person blind? Who can make a person able to see? I am the One. I am the Lord. So go. I will be with you when you speak. I will give you the words to say” (Easy-to-Read Version). 

Stop living in shame.
People often think that they need great connections and pristine reputations to serve God. But, while those things are helpful, God requires a different set of credentials. He has an interesting habit of using people who are weak, rejected, and downright questionable. In fact, there were four unlikely women in Christ’s genealogy: one acted like a harlot (Tamar); one was a Gentile (Ruth); one was an adulteress (Bathsheba); and one was a prostitute (Rahab). What does that tell you? It tells you that God will use anyone — even those who society rejects and condemns. Always remember, “The Lord doesn’t see things the way you see them. People judge by [the] outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart” (1 Samuel 16:7, New Living Translation).

Do it, despite it all.
In John 16:33 Jesus warned, “While you are in the world, you will have to suffer. But cheer up! I have defeated the world” (Contemporary English Version). As Christians, some of us will suffer because of our faith. And, as humans, many of us will suffer because of “life” and our mortality. Nevertheless, we must remember that earth isn’t our permanent home. We are temporarily here to serve God, worship God, and proclaim His Goodness ... despite whatever we face ... despite our desire to give up ... and despite the pain we feel. c

Photography by: Jill Calefate
Makeup by: Dilenny Filipi

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