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Stephen on Ayesha
I’m always learning from her. Sometimes when I’m with Riley, I’m clueless. I panic. But [Ayesha] is so good with her. One of the biggest complaints I hear from my teammates is that they want to get married, but it’s hard to find someone they can trust – someone who genuinely loves them for who they are. I have that. I rely on [Ayesha] to keep everything together. She’s the one who makes everything work. I don’t know how she does it. Submission is hard to define, but women shouldn’t submit to just anyone. They should find someone who is worth it ... someone who deserves that ... someone who will earn it. I appreciate everything that my wife does, and she makes me better every day. Being submissive is just a Godly and mutual respect for each other. We’re submissive to each other.

Ayesha on Family
I love being [Stephen’s] wife, and Riley’s mom. I see it as a gift, and a special calling. Some people [undervalue] the importance of those roles. And others don’t think being a devoted wife and patient mom are huge accomplishments. But if we, as women, can create a loving home – if we can make our families feel loved and cared for – if we can be there for our husbands, and support them 100 percent – that’s success. Not enough people, and sadly not enough women, believe that. But I believe that being a wife and mom is one of the greatest callings a woman can have. It’s not the only great calling, but it’s one of the greatest. c

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