10 Clever Storage Ideas

Tricks for a clutter-free home


If you have a busy schedule, it can be difficult to keep your home clutter-free. However, sometimes the biggest obstacle to an organized home is simply a lack of storage (or the inefficient use of it).

With that in mind, we set out to find some innovative solutions for maximizing storage throughout our homes. Here’s what we found:

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Baskets Are a Girl’s Best Friend
You can store all kinds of items in baskets tucked under coffee tables or placed on bookshelves. Baskets come in every shape and size, and they’re often on sale at your local crafts store.

Maximize Accessory Storage
If you never seem to have enough closet space, try adding shower curtain hooks to a clothes hanger. You can use these hooks to hang purses, scarves, belts, and other accessories more neatly in your closet.

Repurpose Paper Towel Holders
Gift wrapping supplies can be difficult to store. A paper towel holder (standing or mounted to a closet wall) is a great way to keep ribbons organized and easily accessible.

Utilize Cabinet Depth
Deep cabinets can be difficult to utilize effectively. Since items stored at the back of each shelf are difficult to reach, things can get messy quickly. Adding pullout pan drawers to cabinets makes everything more accessible. You can use them in your kitchen or anywhere else in your house (e.g. under your bathroom sink).

Streamline Drawer Storage
Many people have “junk drawers” hiding somewhere in their homes. But with Kitchen Dream Drawer Organizers (available at ContainerStore. com), no drawer in your home ever needs to be cluttered again! These spring-loaded separators fit almost any drawer and allow you to customize each drawer’s configuration.

Make Your Kitchen Work
If your kitchen cabinets are hiding a mess, you can use a desk organizer to sort cookie sheets, cutting boards, and other flat pans. You can also install tension rods across deep drawers to organize pan lids.

Multi-tasking Furniture
Choose furniture with multiple functions—like a storage ottoman, a bench with storage under the seat, or a bedframe with built-in drawers below the mattress. This way, your furniture does double duty and maximizes your storage options.

The Linen Closet
Storing sheet sets inside matching pillowcases will keep your sheet sets organized and make them easier to access.

Shoe Organizers
An over-the-door shoe organizer can store much more than shoes. You can place one on the back of your laundry room door to store cleaning and laundry products, or hang one in your garage to organize tools and supplies.

Use Your Vertical Space
If you have a small bathroom or bedroom, make sure you use your wall space to your advantage. You can add shelves above a toilet or along one wall to create vertical storage. Use baskets to keep shelves looking neat and to store things like toilet paper, air freshener, and more. c