One Picture. Five Decorating Ideas.


In this image, there are five creative ideas that will add style to any room. Read on, and be inspired!

Console with Character
A charming table is an easy way to add character to your décor. Not only is it useful (think keys, and mail), it can add a splash of color, a vintage touch, modern pizazz, or a rustic accent. To top it off, console tables don’t have to cost a fortune. If pricey luxury is your thing, go for it! But, if you prefer “affordable-chic,” you can find great options at consignment shops, flea markets, yard sales, and online. Some of our favorites are,, and

Double Up
Why settle for one decorative mirror—when you can have two? Hanging adjacent, vertical mirrors make a ceiling seem higher and a room feel larger. The decorative frame also adds an artsy touch. So, think of the framework as art. Choose an option that incorporates color or complements your overall style. With two mirrors, there’s more for you to love.

Let it Shine
Light fixture can transform a space. Think about the times when you walked into a home or hotel and looked up. If you want to add a “wow” effect, be bold with your lighting. Art doesn’t only hang on walls; it hangs from the ceiling. Therefore, consider a chandelier that literally drops character into a room or entryway. Your statement piece will evoke conversation and captivate your guests.

Go Round
Don’t be boring with your area rugs. Step beyond the round and square shapes. Round options soften the hard edges of furniture, and generate a more intimate, conversational space. They also draw the eye in to a particular area—carving out a separate area within a room. Round rugs are also more whimsical. They add nonconforming flair.

Mount It
If your television is sitting on a stand, table, or box, you need to catch up with the times. Clunky clutter makes a room feel crowded, and it overshadows your décor. So, mount your television to the wall! “Floating” items—such as electronics, shelves, and nightstands—streamline a room. Simply lift the clutter off the floor, and mount it. Some imaginative folks have even mounted bicycles, pottery, and memorabilia. So, if you want to quickly transform a space, “floating” will get you there! c