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Dig for Treasure

When you’re tight on funds, consider it an opportunity to be more creative. Think about what you can do for free (or cheap). It can be fun to try something unexpected. Use a stool for an end table, floor pillows for casual extra seating, a hutch as a bookcase, or a wire basket as wall art. Also, clear out the unloved. Look around for stuff you don’t actually want or need. You might find things tucked away that you could use, repurpose, or sell to save up for something you want! In addition, get sentimental. Dig through your postcards and greeting cards. Hang up special notes with pushpins, or fill your frames and bulletin board with family memories. And don’t forget to shake things up. Which items could you move to a new spot? Your usual nightstand lamp might add a homey touch to your kitchen counter. Your wall art in the entry might look wonderful above your bed! 

Consider the Plan

Your home should be a reflection of who you are, where you are, and where you hope to be. So, when designing your space, think about your future goals and needs. Is your home a short-term or life-long dwelling? If you will move again in the near future, keep affordability, mobility, and flexibility in mind. If you’re settling in for the long-term, which décor options might grow with you and your family? What improvements might you invest in more fully? Wherever you are in your life’s journey, you can design a home that reflects the real you. While a beautiful photo can be an inspiration and we might even capture magazine-style looks, what really matters in our home is how it feels to be there. A home is a place to dwell. It’s a sanctuary that should invite us to be ourselves. c


Simple Decorating


If you want to jump-start your style and refresh your home without needing power tools and a winning lottery ticket, make Simple Decorating your go-to resource. Spark your makeover momentum with no-fuss tips and transform your spaces. It’s never been more fun (or possible) to create a home that you love.

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