Start At Your Church
Do you ever linger to chat with friends after church? What if you could meet a crucial need in your church by staying just a few minutes longer? In most churches, just 20 percent of people do 80 percent of the work. The 20 percent would gladly welcome your help! Churches have plenty of needs. All you need to do is ask.

Online Shopping
Today’s technology creates far more giving opportunities than there were in LeTourneau’s time. By shopping through, your favorite cause will receive a portion of your purchase cost, at no additional charge to you. Since approximately two-thirds of adults already shop online, this change in your routine is a no-brainer!

Choose Products Wisely
Americans spend approximately $38.05 per second on unnecessary consumer products. At that rate, consumers have a lot of giving power — if they choose products carefully. Philanthropic companies help your purchases mean something. For example, TOMS donates one pair of shoes to an impoverished child every time you purchase a pair.

Go for a Walk
With the app from, you can track your walks, runs, or bike rides to earn $0.10 to $0.25 per mile. Most Americans only walk an average of 5,117 steps each day, even though experts recommend 10,000. If you aren’t already taking daily walks, it might be time to start. You can give to others while doing something good for yourself!

Play a Game
A Pew Research Center survey revealed that about 64 percent of Americans own smartphones, and a large percentage of people play games on them. Sites like allow you to play games for good! Every time you answer a trivia question correctly, the the site helps end hunger by donating 10 grains of rice to The World Food Programme.

Double Down
If you’re already giving, you may be able to double the amount without spending more. Many large companies have gift-matching programs that allow them to earn tax deductions. By asking your employer to match your charitable contributions, you can easily increase donations for your favorite charity.

Give Yourself
Literally. Every two seconds, someone needs blood. Every minute, 24 people find out they have cancer. You could change someone’s life by donating your blood or hair to charity. You can partner with the American Red Cross to host a blood drive at your church, school, or workplace. c