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 Photographed by Marlon Gangadeen




Pomegranate Sunflower Hair Defense Shampoo
($7.79 for 18 ounces; Natures-Gate.com)

Pomegranate Sunflower Hair Defense Conditioner
($7.79 for 18 ounces; Natures-Gate.com)

Pomegranates were fed to the Israelites during the Exodus, and they contain more antioxidants than red wine and green tea. This shampoo and conditioner combo protects color- treated hair from the damaging effects of UV rays and styling.




100% Raw Manuka Honey
($40.86 for 17.6 ounces; Wedderspoon.com)

During biblical times, honey was used for a variety of reasons (such as baking, sweetening, healing, and embalming). Raw Manuka Honey fights bacteria and inflammation. It’s a natural topical aid for burns, cuts, infections, and other skin problems.





Aura Cacia Sweet Almond Oil
($5.93 for 4 ounces; AuraCacia.com)

Nuts are mentioned several times in the Bible. For example, the staff of Moses' brother (Aaron) formed buds, blossomed, and produced almonds! Rich in vitamin E, almonds nourish the skin and help safeguard against wrinkles. Sweet Almond Oil is especially good for treating dry skin.




Raw Shea Butter Infused with Frankincense & Myrrh
($12.99 for 4 ounces; WholeFoods.com)

The Wise Men gave baby Jesus frankincense and myrrh, and Esther received a six-month beauty treatment with myrrh prior to marrying King Ahasuerus. Infused with the skin-healing extracts of frankincense and myrrh, Nubian Heritage’s Raw Shea Butter is ultra-moisturizing.





Glowing Apricot Body Wash
($13.79 for 30 ounces; Jason-PersonalCare.com)

Scholars have heavily debated the “Tree of Knowledge.” (You know, the tree that Eve took a bite from.) Some people speculate that the tree grew apricots. This body wash contains Apricot Oil, and leaves the skin smooth and glowing.