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Smile and laugh often.

Remember how funny life was when you were dating? I would guess that when you and your husband first got together, most of the time you were smiling from ear to ear. Keep smiling — your husband desperately needs a positive escape in the midst of this negative world.

Roommates or Soulmates

Set aside time for mutual activities.

Remember football games, bike rides, walks along the beach, or movie nights? Get the calendar out, and plan an activity just for the two of you. Don’t let the routine responsibilities of life dominate your schedule. Carve out time for fun together (at least once a month).

Share your dreams.

Remember those heart to heart talks, which left you knowing he was the one? Keep asking your husband about his dreams. What does he want to accomplish in the next year? In the next five? How can you support him in that endeavor? Share your dreams for your life, family, ministry, and career.

Lavish praise.

Remember when you couldn’t praise your husband-to-be enough? You could talk for hours about how wonderful he was. Bring daily praise back into his life by noticing the big and little things he does. Be appreciative, and hold your tongue before sharing anything negative. Say seven positive comments for every negative comment you make.

Rekindling your honeymoon flame and being passionate soul mates isn’t impossible. It simply starts by embracing what allowed you to fall in love. Maybe it’s time to look at old photographs and reconnect with that younger, happier couple. Before you know it, you’ll be sitting side by side — without a centimeter of space between you. c

Roommates or Soulmates