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MD: Betty, in James’s book, he shares that you went through a process that he calls “yieldedness.” For 25 years, James was gone from home 275 to 300 days a year! His ministry kept him away. How did you deal with that? Most women would have said, “I’m out of here!”     

BR: God walked us through those tough times, and it was very tough at times. Every time I took James to the airport, I was grateful and amazed by how God was using him. But at the same time, my heart was broken because that meant he was going to be away from us [our family]. It just broke my heart, but I kept saying, “Lord, I know that you’re going to take care of me. You’re going to provide everything that I need while he’s gone.” The thing that really blessed me during those times was that James never failed to call me every day. And we didn’t have cell phones back then. So, he had to make a real effort to get to a phone. That blessed me and helped carry me through those times, along with God’s comfort and peace.

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James and Betty pictured with their three children in 1973. They wed on February 23, 1963 when they were both 20 years old.

MD: What advice would you give a woman in a similar situation?

BR: I look back and I think that I could have done this better. I could have sought after God more. I didn’t have the depth of the relationship with God that I now have. I would advise women in a similar situation to look at their circumstances as an opportunity to grow in their faith. I look back and wish that I had taken more opportunities to spend time with God — in His Word. I wish that I had allowed Him to teach and grow me. Sometimes, we think that type of relationship is left to just ministers and pastors. Those people are often said to be “in special services.” But, I look back and I think, “Well, I was in special services, too. I was a mom. I was a wife. That is special.” Women should think, “Thank you God for this opportunity. I am amazed that I am in this place right now. As my husband is away doing what You’ve called him to do, let me serve in what You’ve called me to do.”

JR: Let me add this: I think it’s so important to realize that there are no small parts in the Body of Christ, and the more vital organs are the most difficult to see. Many times, people will look at those of us who are more visible and think we must be more special or more gifted. That’s simply not the case! I got up one night to slip into the bathroom while Betty was still sleeping. God caused me to pause at the door, and the Lord said, “Look at her. She’s just as anointed in this home as you are standing on a platform preaching to 10,000 people.” We all need to understand that the anointing is for everyone. It is a special gift for a specific assignment. The anointing isn’t just something that we see on someone who is highly visible or standing in public. People need to understand how important they are in Kingdom-life. I would be virtually helpless without support. Missionaries would have empty hands without Christians who were willing to be the “oil” for the “light” that they shine. Living Amazed is about finding your place in God’s heart. All of us — submitted to Jesus Christ — must find our special role and fulfill it. c

Living Amazed

Living Amazed

In this powerful book, James Robison helps readers witness God in transforming ways. His remarkable stories and biblical insights will empower you to recognize the spiritual significance of ordinary events, make a difference in the world, and live in constant amazement of God’s love.

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