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Consider a Student
Some services can be done at a reduced cost (or no cost), if you’re willing to trust a student. Hundreds of cosmetology schools offer low cost haircuts, shampoos, and other services. Reduced rates are also offered by schools that train massage therapists, mechanics, dentists, and other future professionals. For example, the most common dental needs can be treated by a dental student – from cavities and root canals to implants and extractions. To give you some peace of mind, professional instructors closely monitor the students to ensure that quality services are rendered. But, do your homework. Make sure the schools are accredited by a reputable association (such as the American Dental Association, American Dental Hygienists’ Association, American Massage Therapy Association, and American Association of Cosmetology Schools).

Quit Expensive Habits
If you’re a smoker or heavy drinker, you should stop for three reasons: 1. It’s bad for your health; 2. It’s bad for your wallet; 3. It’s bad for your breath (just in case you didn’t know). In 2014, a pack of cigarettes cost approximately $18. So, do the math. If you smoke one pack a day, you’re throwing away about $6500 a year.

Exercise for Free
Why waste money on a gym membership when you can workout for free? Go for a walk, go for a run, take a swim, stream a workout video, play tennis, join a hiking club, take a free fitness class, or something else. Be creative! Being active doesn’t have to cost money.

Reduce Phantom Power
Whenever we leave a cord plugged in (even when the attached device is in standby mode or powered off), electricity continues to be drawn from the socket. This discreet flow of energy is called “phantom power.” In a joint study between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and several other environmental agencies around the globe, it was found that (on average) phantom power makes up 10 percent of monthly energy bills. To escape this mysterious surcharge, unplug things that you’re not using – such as your phone charger, television, Blu-ray player, toaster, coffee maker, microwave, computer, fax machine, and printer. You can also set your computer to go into sleep mode when it’s not in use. Moreover, power strips can make it easier to reduce phantom power. All of your computer-related devices can be plugged into a power strip, and you can flip the strip off when you’re no longer using those devices. The same can be done for other electronics (such as your television, cable box, DVR, and Blu-ray player). c