3 Creative Ways to
Engage Your Children

Illustrations. What do you remember most from your pastor’s sermons? There are many details you’ll forget, but you’ll likely remember a thoughtful illustration. Why is that? Because an illustration engages the imagination. You can explain to your children about God’s forgiveness through Jesus’ payment for our sin and get a nodding head. However, if you tell them about a judge who declared his child guilty but came off the bench and paid the penalty himself, you’ll see the light of understanding turn on in their eyes. A thoughtful illustration puts the flesh of imagination on the bones of truth.

Stories. Illustrations and anecdotes tend to be short and to the point. Stories take more time to tell, but they’ll capture your children’s imaginations and take them on a journey. Stories create memorable pictures in your children’s minds, and they become anchors of meaning. That’s why Jesus’ parables were so powerful—the Prodigal Son, the Good Samaritan, the Sower, the Good Steward. These titles alone evoke the character, actions, and feelings associated with each one. Use stories whenever you can with your children to instruct them in general truths about the Christian life. One day, when they’re grown, you’ll hear them share a story you told and what they learned from it.


Bible Topics. One of the common instructional experiences in our home was topical Bible studies. If someone had a question about faith or something came up in the news, we’d get out a concordance and start looking up verses together. When the kids were younger, the studies were faster with fewer Scriptures. As they got older, the studies were longer and more in depth. In either case, we typically talked together about what we had learned, which helped them internalize the lesson. c

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Reach Their Hearts

Reach Their Hearts

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